Indoor waterfalls are an extremely unique way to set your home apart from all the rest. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and can be customized to fit in any room of your home. They can range from large and extravagant, to small and subtle.

A common concern everyone has is about leaks. The waterfalls Windy City Construction builds are completely waterproof, and cannot leak. They are built using a high quality waterproofing membrane, applied in numerous stages of construction, to insure that no matter where your waterfall is located, you are protected from possible water damage.

A few examples can be found below, showing the range of sizes and locations.

This small, 2'x2'x4' waterfall is located in a home office, and features an open top trough, and led light display which fills the room with color. It is covered in 1"x1" glass mosaic tile, and a submersible pump which creates a subtle, soothing water noise.


This water feature is on the other end of the scale. It is a 15' tall, 14' wide waterfall covered in porcelain and red onyx marble accents and red onyx marble bench. It has a high output submersible pump with inline flow control, and a covered top trough.