Crown molding is an excellent way to add a lot of detail to a room, without changing the layout or paint scheme. There are an unlimited amount of styles and designs of crown molding. These range from basic 2-5/8" one piece crown, to a built-up style, that can incorporate anywhere from 4-10 individual pieces, with an end result that will amaze everyone.

Below are a few examples of the crown that Windy City has installed. If what you see still isn't exactly what you were looking for, contact us and we can draw up exactly what you want!


These first photos are a 3 piece built-up crown, painted semi-gloss black, to match the furniture in the room. As you can see, all the trim in the room was painted the same color. It added great dimension, and tied in nicely with the horizontal and vertical stripe design painted on the walls, also done by Windy City.



The next photos are of a 5 piece built-up crown molding, that the homeowner wanted installed on their entire first floor. This included the kitchen, foyer, and living room. It includes an accent rail below the main crown that adds a little depth, while also allowing the different colors of each room to be continued into the crown.



This crown is very unique, in that the homeowner wanted crown molding to match a picture frame containing a picture that they had painted. Windy City used snow fence from Wyoming that was reclaimed, and turned it into crown molding. Nail holes, lap marks, and weathered effects truly made this design rustic, and fit perfectly with what was desired.



This next installation is a 4 piece crown molding that was done in a half bathroom. It is simple, yet elegant, and can be used in numerous stles of rooms.



This crown is a unique style designed by Windy City that was installed in a home office. It features only 4 pieces, but is built in a way that makes it look much more outstanding then number of pieces leads to believe. Two 1x6's with routed edges are built, and are then accented with crown and chair rail to give this office the look it deserves.



If you are looking for a much more simplistic look, 1 piece crown is the look you want. It is subtle, but still gives the room a "finished" feel.


In order to take the 1 piece crown above to the next level, a piece of base molding is added. This 2 piece crown is about twice as tall, and helps give the room the illusion of a little higher ceiling.